A Note on Spiritual Companionship

The world feels pretty scary right now. There is a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, and a lot of anger. Hatred, distrust, loneliness, and despair have become endemic. It sucks.

Nevertheless, creativity, goodness, and joy are our birthright. We should not give up on these things, both for ourselves and for everyone else.

I am a spiritual companion. I sit with folks, 1/1, once a month for an hour or so. In that hour, I listen. A lot can happen in that little hour.

What do I do in that hour?  I listen to you share about your life. What excites you? What brings you joy? What makes you curious? I will celebrate with you. You can also share your anger, fear, your worry, your sorrow. I will grieve with you. I will ponder with you and be curious about your life.

 You may gain insight that opens you to new creative paths, new possibilities, and new ways of being in the world that are more positive and meaningful.

Is it coaching? Not necessarily, though you can call it that if it helps. I’m not a big advice-giver, because I believe you already have what you need to discern right choices for yourself. I help you unpack your discernments.

Is it spiritual direction? Not really, because I am not doing any directing, but again if you want to call it that, that’s up to you. The directions, the choices, the ways you live your life – the best ways forward are discerned intuitively, by you. I help you get in touch with that intuitive knowing.

Spiritual companionship seeks in a relational 1/1 space to open you up to what is intuitively true within you. I have witnessed how listening to the unspooling of a life through sharing opens us to simply being seen and heard can heal. I see change when people realize that their life, with its ups and downs, is a story that matters.

I believe that sharing our story, in a safe non-judgmental space, helps us grow, helps us heal, and helps us become whole beings – more able to face the world and offer hope, compassion, and service. 

I believe it because I do it myself, working with a spiritual companion every month. And though I’ve been doing it awhile, I’m always surprised at how good it feels to just unload on someone my fears and doubts. 

It is to be unburdened, grounded in truth and trust, and liberated!

If you are in a creative rut, bored with spirituality, burnt out on religion, spiritual companionship can help. If you are on an adventure, discovering new and creative ways of being, and deeper wisdom for living, while navigating the troubles and sorrows of the world, spiritual companionship is a necessity. We all need to pull off the path once in a while, find a campfire, and share our adventure with someone else on the journey. That’s the essence of spiritual companionship.

If you think it would help you too, reach out to me for a one-hour test drive. I have space for you. 

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