holding a sign in a protest march that says "I'm here to listen"

Consider: has anyone recently asked, “How are you?”, and really meant it?

When most people ask you this question, how do you respond? Usually, we say, “fine, thanks.” We probably share something about our job, or relate a short story about something that happened to you in the past few days. Something about the weather.

When I ask, “how are you?” – I want to know what’s on your heart. What truly matters for you? These are the kinds of heart-awakening questions I like to listen for:

  • What’s stirring for you? Where are you dissatisfied? What do you long for? What do you hope for?
  • Do you have any big questions? Have you ever asked yourself – What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of your life? Why do bad things happen? Why is there suffering? Why am I suffering?
  • Where do you feel most alive- Is it climbing mountains? Dancing or karaoke? Making dinner for friends? Growing things in your garden? Photography? Writing short poems on your coffee break?
  • Do politics and current events fill you with a disgust or dread that you want to be rid of, but feel the need to “stay engaged”?
  • If you are part of a church or come from a religious tradition – do you feel energized by it, or do you feel exhausted by it?¬†Will hearing one more moralizing sermon drive you away for good?
  • Or do you ever feel frustrated that you don’t experience closeness with God (or however you define the ground of all being). Why don’t I feel like God is present with me?
  • And aren’t there benefits I should be receiving, like more love, joy, and peace in my life?
  • Do you ever have profound experiences that you don’t know how to talk about? Or just don’t know who you could possibly share something that sounds so “weird” or “crazy”?

These are spiritual questions. They stir our hearts. They animate us. They pierce us to our core.

We can walk with these questions, together.

Through deep listening, I engage with the events, circumstances, questions, and explorations of your own story. By offering this listening space, you are empowered to find inner wisdom, and learn to trust yourself and your experiences.

Sometimes you will feel like you are rambling, or talking about disconnected events. I am listening to your sharing, and actively discerning the thread that ties all of these together. This process of speaking your stream of consciousness often unlocks deeper realizations and truths hiding under the surface. It can be surprising to discover these truths were there all along!

Discovering these deep truths within you can be quite refreshing, and revealing. You may find that old habits and ways of being in the world don’t work anymore. As you integrate these truths, you’ll find you are living life with more congruence, aligned to your inner truth, and in synchronicity with the Universe.

Ready to begin? Let’s discuss.