We all long for wholeness – complete, integrated, living our ideals and being of service in the world. Our life has meaning and it matters.

Do you ever feel unmoored? As if life is chaotic, and you are tossed randomly from one stressor to another like a leaky old boat in a storm?

Does your heart utterly break every time you read the news, to the point of despair?

Do you feel restless? Unsettled? There has to be more to life. Right?

Do you have a set of values you know to be real and true, and yet when you look at how you spend your days, you don’t see any alignment?

Maybe you feel like your job sucks, your money situation is stressful, and you know you have amazing gifts to share with the world that are being wasted.

Do you feel restless? Unsettled?

You want to improve. You desire to feel like these days you spend matter somehow. That your life has purpose. Yet, it doesn’t feel like you are living the life you should.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Full Life List

Let’s explore how you can find alignment in your life and a sense of wholeness – that your thoughts, desires, actions, and relationships align with the inner light that gives you meaning and purpose.

The Full Life List includes some things that, when incorporated into our lives, help us to deal with all the challenges, uncertainties, and heartbreaks that inevitably come our way on the journey of life. Difficulty is unavoidable, I’m sorry to say. But how we encounter and understand these difficulties – and prepare for future ones – can make a tremendous difference in our lives. In fact, our wounding from these difficulties can actually become strengths. When we become grounded in solid practice and deep wisdom, we participate in and receive all of life with curiosity, wonder, and joy. Even the hard stuff becomes an adventure of discovery and growth.

Here’s a fairly exhaustive list of things we can work on together. If any of these resonates with you, then one-on-one guidance could be a path to improving your life and finding wholeness:

  • Listen to, cultivate, and trust the inner light within you
  • Establish your core values and live by them
  • Learn mindfulness – being present to each moment
  • Learn how to pray (hint – prayer is happening more than you might think!)
  • Learn breathwork – find calm and groundedness for any moment
  • Learn how to meditate – learning is the easy part! 🙂
  • Learn the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions, and its universality for our lives.
  • Become more loving and compassionate
  • Be a better healer to others
  • Grow confident in who you are and your unique gifts, and how you have an important role to play in the healing of the world
  • Learn how to effectively nurture a community
  • Become a spiritual teacher
  • Start a spiritual community
  • Find and Join a spiritual community
  • Make a pilgrimage
  • Live life as pilgrimage!
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Practice gratitude
  • Create art and expressions that are connected to your truest self
  • Be the artist you know you are, and develop new creative habits
  • Create better, more impactful art
  • Deepen spiritually
  • Grow closer to God
  • Discover and practice spirituality in nature
  • Do shadow work
  • Be of service to others
  • Explore Mystery
  • Practice mysticism
  • Learn the art and power of giving blessings
  • Read books chosen to help you achieve your goals, and share in a book club
  • Eliminate bad debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and practice sound personal finance.
  • Learn the power of practicing generosity
  • Break the scarcity mindset, live in abundance, make more money and flourish financially
  • Learn how to grieve – loss is unbelievably painful, but we can heal these wounds and even grow from them.
  • Learn how to be compassionate towards your own suffering
  • Learn to be with the suffering of others
  • Set intentions – we can make our reality and it begins with intention
  • Learn the art of Letting Go – nothing is permanent. Realize this and you are going to find a lot more peace.
  • Consciously partner and participate in the Universal Flow of All Things – yes, you!
  • Understand your True Self – the Being that is participating in the Flow of the previous item.
  • Establish your values, and live by them – we call this ‘alignment’
  • Learn to listen to, and act on, your deepest intuition

Did any of the above resonate with you? It means that you indeed have an Inner Light, and it is crying out for you to listen to it.

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