Working one-on-one in spiritual guidance helps you attune to the deep wisdom within you, aligning with that wisdom, and finding courage and clarity for the Journey of Your Life.

What is the practice that matters now? A practice is any act habitually entered into with our whole heart that takes us to the deeper place.

James Finley, Practice That Grounds Us

Spiritual Guidance Testimonials

“There aren’t words to describe the preciousness of my monthly sessions with Matt.”

“Matt is such a thoughtful and wise spiritual companion. His kind listening and perceptive questions helped me deepen my reflection and insights. I’ve been able to process the emotional and spiritual fallout from my experiences of religious wounding and faith transition through the spaciousness and safety he provides. Our sessions have been a vital support as I’ve journeyed into greater spiritual peace, well-being, and integration.”

“Matt is an incredibly compassionate spiritual guide. In his one-on-one sessions, he establishes a safe place for me to share and stay focused on my spiritual path. I highly recommend Matt for anyone who is seeking spiritual direction or companionship.”

Art Coaching Testimonials

“I reached out to Matt for help reconnecting with my creativity. He really helped me move through my anxiety about art making. As an amateur it was initially challenging for me to share the pieces I was working on, but his support and encouragement made it so much easier. With his wisdom and guidance I was able to build not only a creative habit, but an identity as an artist, which has felt invaluable. I highly recommend working with Matt.”

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