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    On Thin Places – Journey to Iona – Part 2

    “One of the most beautiful aspects of (Celtic spirituality) is the perspective that death is a river that is hard to see or a place of black sorrow that is difficult to cross and that the angels of God are guiding us over to a goodness of unimaginable glory. This glory is not, however, unrelated to the goodness we have known in creation and in the earth’s cycles…

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    Breath – a visio divina meditation

    In-breath / Out-breath, oil on canvas, 22″ x 30″ I’ve picked up painting over the holidays, working in the studio on a few new pieces over the past week. I’ve been wanting to paint again for awhile, being inspired by two different trips to New Mexico over the past couple of months. Having finished the work for my current exhibit, ‘That Which Is’ at Whitworth University, I’ve been…

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    A Solstice Meditation

    Keriah…O night Divine, o night, oh Night DivineLet me be torn openFrayed threads between these fingersEver opened. Wandering in.…By wounded, healing.By torn, making whole.By darkened, illuminating.

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    This weekend I turned 42. On my birthday morning, after making coffee, I pulled up the New York Times. The zeitgeist is deeply troubled. The UK Election just reinforced a Brexit from the EU, but also reinforced a retreat by people into nationalism and self-preservation. Non-cooperation, non-neighborliness, non-flourishing are taking hold on people. Certainly, this spirit has also taken hold in the United States. The NYT Opinion writers…

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    Pilgrimage – Iona Journey Part 1

    I’ve just returned from four weeks travelling around the United Kingdom. The first 11 of those days were in Iona – a tiny isle off the coast of Western Scotland, where I was helping facilitate a group of travelers for an SDI Journey – one of many spiritual travel experiences that we offer for people who want more than the typical tourist trip. Iona is a special place.…

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    On Listening

    above – detail from a commissioned artwork for Westminster Chapel, graphite on paper, 2017. Map drawing of Bellevue area, drawings of handwritten notes from participants who live in the area and were asked to contribute short written meditations on how they love where they live. From Taking Our Places by Norman Fischer– “…the most effective form of having “beginner’s mind”. Try engaging in a conversation with no judgement,…