I’ve been training for a couple of years in becoming a Facilitator in Interspiritual Meditation – a universal seven-step practice that was developed as a direct descendant of the Snowmass Conferences that Father Thomas Keating hosted, bringing together teachers from different religions and sacred traditions and finding ways to practice spirituality together. I’ve been privileged to get to share this practice with a few of you, and have been introducing it more and more with groups over the past year. This week I finished a Capstone project – a little rinky-dink website where I try to bring together meditation, wisdom, art, and walking into an integrated spiritual practice. I made it in Adobe Spark, which is kind of annoying (each click opens a new browser window which can’t be fixed- what’s up with that). Anyway it was good for me to put together and to try to ground all the stuff I do in this summary way. If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link –