An Invitation to Explore Walking, Cartography, and Service with me

I was invited by the Grunewald Guild to teach an online version of my walking/drawing/cartography course this summer, and to create a video to invite others. Here’s what came of that – this morning’s walk (with help from Heather on the camera). It is an invitation as much to myself as to others, to explore together what is ours to do and how to be of service to a hurting world. It’s an invitation for me as well to be in dialog with these practices of walking, of contemplation, and making art. Do they help? Do they matter? I still believe they do. At the least, they allow me to listen, to pay attention, and to notice what is. They invite me into a deeper exploration of what is good, and what is utterly broken. So I invite you to explore this with me, to try these practices out for yourself, in community together, during the week of July 26th. Vonda also invited me to do a “7 artworks in 7 days” series of posts, and I receive that invitation to go back through some of my own work of the past several years as a reflection on these practices, to continue to be in dialog with this walking/artmaking practice as movement, as prayer, and as action.

More on this course here: